Happy 102nd Birthday to George Campbell with Well Over 102 Cards!

We are incredibly overjoyed with the amazing response that we have gotten for George’s request for 102 birthday cards for his 102nd birthday, which went out on September 26th! Thank you, everyone, for sending cards!

George was overjoyed when Bayville Florist delivered a bouquet of birthday balloons unexpectedly on October 3rd! Thank you Michael I. Inzelbuch, Attorney from the Lakewood Board of Education.

Brick Police Sergeant Kelly, officers Flynn, and Murphy stopped by Willow Springs on October 3rd to wish George a Happy Birthday and deliver a card from the Chief! Thank you for stopping by.

Our mailman Mark and receptionist Karol cannot believe the outpouring of community support to fulfill George’s birthday wish! Thank you to all of the kind people who are taking the time to recognize this special occasion!

The friendly staff over at Antonio’s Trattoria stopped by on October 5th to deliver a birthday card for George, along with a few trays of food for him and the staff to enjoy! Thank you!

On October 9th, members from the Brick Boy Scout Troop 39 and Cub Scout Pack 39 stopped by to drop-off handmade cards and a balloon bouquet for us to give to George on his birthday. We continue to thank the overwhelming response of birthday wishes and cards being sent to George.

Today we celebrated George’s 102nd Birthday and wanted to share with everyone that he was incredibly humbled, grateful, and speechless with the over 4,000 cards he received from all over the world.

On behalf of everyone here at Willow Springs, we thank you all for your outpouring support, generosity and love for George.

For all who wanted to see George’s reaction to all of the cards he received please take a look here. Thank you all for sharing this journey of George’s 102nd birthday with us and we hope you all continue to spread kindness, compassion, and love for others everywhere you go.

Over the course of our collection, George was featured in several news sources.

We are beyond grateful to all who have sent in their cards. Thank you all for being a part of making George’s wish come true, and thanks to CBS New York for covering the story, available by clicking here.

We are sincerely touched by everyone who has wished George a Happy Birthday and shown their love and support for him. Thank you to Anderson Cooper of CNN for wishing George a Happy 102nd Birthday! View the clip here.

A small gesture turned into an outpouring of support from all over the country and we are incredibly grateful. Today we would like to thank our local community for always supporting us in all that we do each and every day for our residents, patients, and staff, and for Jersey Shore Online for covering the story available by clicking here.

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