“This was my 5th rehabilitation stay at Willow Springs – needless to say, there’s no other place I would choose to go! I think the people here are very courteous, caring & friendly. I appreciate everything they’ve done for me. My social worker Jennifer has become a friend. Millie from housekeeping made my stay – she was so nice and even braided my hair for me several times. I live alone, and my family wanted me to come here for therapy to make sure I am safe when I return. The therapy has helped me a lot and I’m looking forward to getting back home & spending time with my great-granddaughter. I highly recommend Willow Springs!”

-Helen Witherspoon

“Words cannot express how comfortable and relaxing your staff made me feel. All the nurses were really on point: Shout-out to Ellen. Ms. Sherill really needs to wear diamonds because she is a true diamond in the rough. Ms. Gracie is such a lovely and hands-on woman. Ms. Regina, such a young spirit, is so helpful and unselfish with what she does. Mr. Pierre, what a true gentleman. When I rang, he was right there for all my needs. Kim is so nice and kind! The PT Team, they know their purpose – from Marma, Paul and the Lady with Long Blonde Hair . . . They make you feel you can do all things. My room was clean and tidy and neat. I got my rest. Your work is professional and spot on. Thank you Ms. Kathy for helping this lady from NC on her journey.”

Love & Prayers,
Barbara Dickerson

“My mother was in another rehab facility two years ago and had a horrific experience. Convincing her to agree to rehab was difficult, but Willow Springs was the right choice. She was happy & comfortable here, and it was a much better experience this time around. I appreciated the daily contact from the staff. The Unit Manager Maggie was tremendous, and overall, the care has been great. Jennifer, the social worker, was helpful & made sure that mom’s needs were met. It is a very clean environment, which made for a pleasant stay.
I know that my mom was in good hands when I wasn’t able to be there. Thank you!

-Marilyn Caruso

Trainor Testimonial“My family toured Willow Springs & selected it for my rehabilitation needs – I’m so glad they made the right choice! I loved my beautiful private suite on The Grove! The nursing staff and therapists were wonderful. Rachel & Catherine really worked with me. Everybody was very good to me. All the staff do their jobs and are so kind. They treated me very well, which really set Willow Springs apart from my previous rehab experience. Thank you!”

-Muriel Trainor

“I’ve been to another rehabilitation center in the past, but I was looking for a change. I’m so glad that Dr. Kumar & Ocean Medical Center suggested Willow Springs to me. It was really great here and the facility is beautiful. Everybody was so nice! I enjoyed the therapy, and I feel strong enough to return home. I thought it was so nice that my sisters could join me for lunch in the dining room. If I ever need rehab again, I’ll be back! Thank you, Willow Springs!”

-Debbie Polito

Schenker Testimonial“When I found out that my husband Kenneth needed several weeks of IV antibiotic therapy, I reached out to Willow Springs. Elyse in admissions was lovely. I could hear the smile in her voice the first time we spoke & she was easy to talk to. We appreciated her assistance in securing a beautiful, private room on The Grove for Ken. As a former infection control nurse, I think The Grove is such a fantastic asset! We live in the Greenbriar 2 community, and it was so convenient to be right across the street. The people here are amazing, from the receptionists like Karol & Marion to the excellent nursing staff. After a seven-week stay, we can confidently say that this is a fine operation with a lot of pluses to offer!”

-Kenneth & Mary Ann Schenker

Willow Springs is 5-star in my book!
“I was pleasantly surprised by Willow Springs, and I know I made the right decision to come here after a hospital stay related to a fall. My cardiologist Dr. Cohen was able to follow my care here, and the nurses were terriic! The food is good, and the option to have my friends dine with me was so nice. I also enjoyed the pet therapy visits. The staff are diligent and very kind. A smile means a lot.”

-Pat O’Hara

Thank you, Willow Springs!
“I’m so glad that Ceil at the wound center recommended the inpatient care at Willow Springs to me. Prior to admit, I was going to the outpatient wound center three times a week, but they could not accommodate my need for daily wound care. I received very good nursing care here. The nurses followed my doctor’s wound instructions, including when I needed a wound vac placed. The nurse practitioner Sue saw me throughout my stay to check on my wound healing. The unit manager Maggie used to work for my surgeon, so she was able to reassure me that I was healing properly. The therapy at Willow Springs was excellent. Denise helped me progress along from one stage to the next and I was able to reach my goals. The staff were all helpful and I had a good stay. I also enjoyed going to the hair salon, which was a nice amenity.”

-Deborah Rochacewicz

“This was my 3rd rehabilitation stay at Willow Springs, and it’s safe to say there’s nowhere else I’d choose to rehab. I love everybody here – they are the perfect staff! The therapists are wonderful; they are down-to-earth, real people. They’re like family. Thank you, all!”

-Marion Marfan

“I had a negative experience at another rehabilitation facility, which made me wary at first. I was pleasantly surprised to find my stay at Willow Springs was completely different. The staff all did a great job! Without the therapy team, I would not be able to walk. I’d recommend Willow Springs in a heartbeat!”

-Eileen Taylo


“Willow Springs is a well-run, clean facility. Everyone was so friendly & greeted me every time I visited. It was a very pleasant experience for us. We had only one concern, which was resolved within minutes. Everyone’s been so gracious. Dad made companions here & plans to keep in touch with his new friends. I would recommend Willow Springs to anyone, and I already have. Thank you for all you did to help Dad improve his quality of life!”

-Debbie Jordan
Daughter of John Jordan

“When I had an exacerbation of my COPD, I chose to come back to Willow Springs where I rehabbed last year. Everything at Willow Springs is excellent! I enjoyed the meals, and the therapists motivated me to make progress. I was followed by the staff respiratory therapist Cydney. Now, I’m looking forward to going home. Thank you, Willow Springs!”

-Seth Perkins

“The first thing I noticed was how calm and organized the facility is. The nursing and tech staff are always ready to help and answer questions. They are always very caring and concerned. There is a big window looking out to a nice courtyard. Housekeeping does a great job keeping everything clean and tidy. The rehab staff is great. They are really committed to providing the most outstanding therapy. I feel confident that they will help my husband achieve the highest level of recovery possible. All that being said, I would not hesitate to bring a loved one here for care. I’m so glad I did.”

-Cheryl Sparta, Wife of Paul Sparta

“I’m so glad I saw Willow Springs TV commercials & decided to come here when I needed rehabilitation. I knew I was going to get great treatment by well-trained staff. Everyone was so nice & the staff treated the whole person. The meals were good, and I enjoyed socializing in the dining room at meal times. I even got to star in their latest commercial! I’d definitely return to Willow Springs for any future needs!“

Mr. Koenig

“Living nearby in the Greenbriar 2 community, we were familiar with Willow Springs. I stopped by for a tour & requested a private suite for Yvonne on The Grove. Elyse in admissions made that happen & the accommodations were lovely. I can’t say enough. They really took care of my wife. The nurse Sissy & CNAs Hardy & Kimberly are so wonderful. Sherill, the concierge, went out of her way to bring us coffee every afternoon. It was difficult not being home during the holidays, but the staff made the family room on the 2nd floor available to us for our Christmas dinner. It was beautifully decorated & worked so perfectly that our son joked about making a reservation for next year!”

Yvonne & Salvatore Grosso

“This was my first experience in subacute rehabilitation, and it wasn’t what I expected. Surprisingly, I enjoyed it! I knew Willow Springs had to be something special when my social worker at Bayonne Medical Center had heard positive feedback from her patients’ families. I’m going home alone feeling stronger. Eating in the dining room was a nice social experience. The food ain’t like mama’s, but it was tasty. Everybody was good & I had no problems throughout my stay!”

Vincent Gaetani

“Rehab was the farthest thing from my mind, but after ankle surgery my family knew that I couldn’t be home alone right away. My daughter-in-law & granddaughter toured Willow Springs & selected it for me. I gave them a hard time, but they made the right choice for me. All of the nurses and aides try to please you. My therapists Tammy, Colleen & Rochelle were caring & interacted with me. I even made some new friends. Thanks to Willow Springs, I’ll be home for the holidays!”

Sandra Hummel

“My daughter Joan recommended Willow Springs to me because she had a great experience when she rehabbed here last year. My stay was the best I could imagine, having never been in this situation. From the doctors to the housekeepers, everybody has a smile and you don’t see that outside the doors of Willow Springs. The facility is always clean & smells good. The staff is so helpful – my CNA Carlington was sweet and always had a cup of tea waiting for me. The therapists were exceptional – thank you to Todd, Colleen & Mindy!”

-Mary Davis

“I’m so emotional, I’ve got my mom back! A special thank you from the bottom of our hearts!”

-Joan Greuter, Daughter

“Compared to past experiences at other rehab centers, I really enjoyed my stay at Willow Springs. The place is very clean. The aides and staff were always accommodating. The food was good. The therapists were helpful and I know I’m going
home stronger and back at my baseline. What more could I ask for?”

Richard Perrone

“I’m glad that my primary physician Dr. Shua-Haim recommended Willow Springs for my rehabilitation need. The accommodations were nice & the place is clean. The food was good, especially the dining room service. I’m looking forward to returning home & telling my ministry friends about my stay here.”

Joseph Raines

“I’m so glad to have spent some time here so my daughter & son-in-law could get some respite. I loved the meals & the accommodations. This
place is like a 5-star hotel! If I ever need a place to stay, Willow Springs would be my first choice.”

Lillian Pierce

“I’ve rehabbed in a few other places, AND THIS IS THE BEST I’VE SEEN!”
Willow Springs provided a joint replacement educational lecture to the Greenbriar Kiwanis Club, and shortly thereafter, I was in need of a joint replacement & orthopedic rehabilitation. I contacted Kathy, the marketer, who provided me a tour & prebooked my rehab stay. I think the accommodations here are first rate. I’ve rehabbed in a few other places, and this is the best I’ve seen! The therapists are knowledgeable, professional and helpful. As a lifelong entertainer, I even enjoyed playing the piano for the residents one afternoon. I’m so glad I learned about Willow Springs as I used to pass by it all the time, and I did not know all that they have to offer!

Carlyle Hall

“The rehab was wonderful. I AM NOW ABLE TO WALK BY MYSELF!”
I am so glad I was able to receive Cardiac Rehab at Willow Springs. The staff here are amazing, and they took me as part of their family. Everyone always has a smile on their faces. The care was excellent, wonderful and courteous! The rehab was wonderful. I am now able to walk by myself! The food was delicious and always such large portions. Overall, I cannot have enough great things to say about this facility and staff. Thank you, Willow Springs!

Thank you, Jay Burke

“I had a brief rehabilitation stay at Willow Springs years ago while the facility was undergoing renovation. I hardly recognized it when I arrived to visit my husband during his recent stay. It’s beautiful! All of the staff are very good & helpful. I can’t say enough about the social worker Jennifer – she’s been great to me and Robert. The therapist Tammy was wonderful – she adapted Robert’s rehab treatments with activities that he enjoyed rather than typical exercises. This was the key to his success due to his dementia, and he looked forward to going to therapy. It was excellent because many rehabs won’t adapt to the individual’s needs.”

Patricia Foad

I’m so glad that someone recommended Willow Springs to me for my rehabilitation needs after my second knee replacement. I toured the facility prior to the procedure and pre-booked my private suite as part of the By Reservation Only program. Therapy was started immediately and Colleen was a fabulous therapist. After my last knee replacement, I rehabbed for 3 weeks. The staff members here are outstanding – they really work hard. The aides, especially Hardy, were so great! I haven’t met anybody who isn’t wonderful & so many staff members came to hug me goodbye. I would absolutely recommend Willow Springs for post-orthopedic rehabilitation!

Joan Polefka

After my husband toured Willow Springs, he told me “I FOUND THE PLACE FOR YOU!”
I saw the Willow Springs TV commercials, but never thought I’d need to come here. I was weak after being hospitalized for nearly a month, and I am going home feeling strong thanks to the rehabilitation. The staff is wonderful. Even the administrator came to visit and check
on me during my stay. When I rang the call button, someone was always there for me. The facility is clean. Eating meals with my husband in the dining room was a nice experience – it’s so kind to offer free meals to guests and make them feel welcome too. I even got a complimentary visit to the beauty parlor.
Willow Springs is extraordinary!

Sincerely, Joan Johnston

The people who work here are great… WILLOW SPRINGS REALLY CARES!
I really had a nice stay here. I befriended people here, and I enjoyed the social activities like bingo & the music programs. I knew every song and would sing along with the performers. The rehabilitation was fantastic. My therapist Maureen didn’t take no for an answer, and now I can walk with a walker. Willow Springs is a wonderful place, and thanks to the staff here –I’ll be home in time to celebrate my birthday with my family!

Sincerely, Cheryl Eriksen

“WILLOW SPRINGS IS AN ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL PLACE. I chose to come to Willow Springs following a knee replacement at the recommendation of my orthopedist, and I’m so glad I did. The staff members are great, they know your name and what you like. I’m looking forward to returning home and getting back to dog-sitting and dog-walking my “nephew” Bentley, a west highland terrier. Thank you all for being so nice!”

Gail Cummings

“I’m so glad my friends recommended Willow Springs to me because I made the right choice coming here! These eyes have witnessed miracles in the therapy gym. I saw a man that couldn’t even stand, who was walking and taking big, strong steps within a week. The staff is wonderful and came to check in on me to make sure that my needs were met throughout the day. I got very good care and assistance. The food choices in the dining room were amazing. I also enjoyed playing bingo and using the resident computer throughout my stay. Thank you, Willow Springs!”

With Gratitude, Mildred Mercogliano

After a cardiac TAVR procedure, I chose to admit to Willow Springs for cardiac rehabilitation. The physical therapy was the best. John & Rachel kept me going. I needed more effort than I thought I would following a heart operation. Dr. Cohen, the Cardiac Medical Director, made a point to see me on my first full day at the facility and was satisfied with my results. I enjoyed playing bingo while here, and will try to make it back for the monthly community bingo program. It was a pleasurable experience. I would recommend Willow Springs for their excellent cardiac rehabilitation.

With Gratitude, Henry Carlen

When I arrived at Willow Springs, I could barely walk. From day one, the focus was on my discharge & what I needed to accomplish in order to get back home safely. There was so much attention to detail – how many steps were needed to get into my home and working on home skills like cooking. All of the nurses were so supportive. If staff couldn’t answer a question, they found someone who could. Family input was valued, and my significant other was kept informed. Therapy was fantastic; John & Sarah were great! I do artwork and my hands hurt when I arrived. John encouraged me to draw in my free time to improve my dexterity. The staff ensured I had a plan to be successful at home – a follow-up appointment was scheduled with my primary physician, I have scripts for my medications and home therapy. I can go home today and relax knowing that I don’t have to stress about my follow-up steps.
I haven’t felt his good in months!

Yours Truly, Milissa Lakas

Nancy Baldyga's Uncle ThomasI would like to thank each and every one of you for the outstanding care you have shown my Uncle Thomas over the more than two years he called Willow Springs home. You all made him feel like a member of a family. You did more than act like employees. He was shown such concern, respect, and compassion.

I have so many wonderful memories of his time at Willow Springs. Each and every department played a huge part in making his life a happy one; the staff would have him visit for a “hot spot” of coffee, the activities department never stopped involving him and enabled him to enjoy coming
to meals and the recreational games, and the staff on Applewood – an outstanding group of people – were wonderful to him even when he was a challenge. Everyone listened to his stories during the many times he told them over. He learned everyone’s name on Applewood and relied on all of you to make his day/night a good one. And you sure delivered.

I must also include the staff who made sure his television was on the Yankees channel, that he received an extra soft roll at dinner, that his room was always neat and clean and he was included in the two annual holiday dinners.

Please accept my heartfelt gratitude for being the best, and making life as good as it could be (and maybe even better) for my Uncle Tom.

Yours Truly, Nancy Baldyga

John and Julie Vasile“Although I have no past experience with rehabilitation centers, I can’t say enough about Willow Springs. This place was outstanding and the people who work here are fantastic! I did not anticipate, nor plan for my fall with injury – but, am so glad the team at Willow Springs was here for me. The concierge Sherill was so wonderful. She will have a permanent place in our hearts. Her care was beyond what was expected of her. I have tears in my eyes saying goodbye! My husband and I are grateful for the care and attention we received during my stay. Thank you Willow Springs!”

– John and Julie Vasile

Gary Hennelly“I’m super impressed with everybody-Big K for kindness. I have a lot of respect for the staff here-they are so dedicated. There’s nothing they wouldn’t do for me. The therapists are very competent and have a soft touch. They really helped me improve my balance and ambulation; my friend who visited once a week noticed my progress each week. One last thing – this place is spotless. I hope I won’t be in need of subacute rehab again, but if I am, I will absolutely return to Willow Springs!”

– Gary Hennelly

Tom and Theresa GallicchioUrgent SNF™ Success
“I am so glad that the Willow Springs Urgent SNF™ program was an option for me following a cardiac procedure that left me debilitated and in need of stabilization and rehabilitation. The cardiac rehabilitation program and oversight of my condition was an added benefit. The team at Willow Springs quickly stepped in assisting my daughter and myself in my time of need. They were friendly, accommodating and most of all informative. They even worked directly with my local cardiologist to ensure a great transition of care.

Thank you Willow Springs for a positive rehabilitation experience!”

With gratitude, Tom & Theresa Gallicchio

Wanda ObranowiczI Enjoyed My Brief Rehabilitation Stay
“I am so glad I made the decision to come to Willow Springs for my rehabilitation. While there is no place like home, I enjoyed my brief rehabilitation stay. I love the people that work at the center! They were so kind and compassionate. Should I require rehabilitation in the future, I will gladly select the great team at Willow Springs. In the meantime, I will be back to see the final renovation progress… everything is looking so nice!”

With gratitude, Wanda Obranowicz

Jean O'Brien“Upon being hospitalized, my choice of where to go for Rehabilitation wasn’t difficult. I chose Willow Springs! Having had a good experience there several years before, I was even more impressed this time with the positive changes made by the new ownership! Everyone at Willow Springs was great in supporting my recovery. I almost hated to leave as it almost felt like a vacation for me! From the musical entertainment and other engaging activities, Willow Springs cared for all of me!”

– Jean O’Brien

Catherine Crevling“I can’t thank the team at Willow Springs enough for getting me back on track. I unfortunately have required other rehabilitation stays in the past. This time, I chose the NEW Willow Springs and I’m sure glad I did. I was busy with my rehabilitation, and the entertainment offered to keep me occupied was enjoyable! If I ever require additional rehabilitation or care, I’ll be sure to call upon the team at Willow Springs.

I wouldn’t be returning home without the work of this great team!”

– Catherine Crevling

Nancy Baldyga“Thank you! Words will never be enough to express my gratitude for the wonderful care provided by the team at Willow Springs to my Uncle Thomas McConkey. The team treats him with such respect and affords him the opportunity to maintain his dignity. The professionalism of everyone on the staff is most evident in all daily routines. I will never be able to repay the team for all of the care and concern shown to my Uncle daily.

I am grateful that they are making his days with them good ones!”

– With gratitude, Nancy Baldyga

Marie DeSalvo“I can’t say enough about my rehabilitation stay at the new Willow Springs! All of the nurses, caregivers and staff were wonderful to me. There truly wasn’t a person here that I didn’t like. The therapy team was fantastic, encouraging me every step of the way. My other favorite part…the soup! From the care to the cleanliness of the center, I rate Willow Springs highly! I would recommend this great team to anyone requiring rehabilitation!”

– Marie DeSalvo, Jersey City

Nick Starita“I enjoyed my short stay at Willow Springs Rehabilitation and Nursing Center. The staff here were so kind and respectful to me throughout my recovery. The Nursing team was always there for me when I needed something. Therapy services were great! I must say activities were the best part of my recovery. The team kept me so busy that I didn’t even feel like I was in a rehabilitation center. Kudos to the new Willow Springs – thank you for getting me back to me.”

– Nick Starita

Anne Madden“The therapy team really worked me hard and often until I felt strong enough to get back into the community. The food was excellent and the spaghetti dinner was my favorite! The Staff was always so friendly and accommodating, and any questions or concerns I had were promptly addressed. My Willow Springs experience was so much more enjoyable then my previous stay at another rehab facility; my spacious room was an added bonus and the Activities Program was superb.”

– Anne Madden

Grace Morrow“The highlight of my stay was “getting rehabbed”. The excellent therapy helped me get better. Activities were always so much fun; especially the entertainment parties… even the staff was dancing around having a good time! They were all so awesome. Winning bingo was also great; I would have had a good time even if I didn’t win! The staff members at Willow Springs really have their hearts in what they do. It’s very nice here and I understand that renovations are going to take place which will only add additional positivity to the facility.”

– Grace Morrow

Elsie Edelman“My stay here was excellent… The food was amazing! I’m not much of a big eater but I ate every meal every day because it was always that good. All my needs were met and if I needed something extra, all I had to do was ask. Therapy was excellent each and every day. I enjoyed working with the therapists. With their help I am confident to return to my home far stronger than before. All the staff here were very nice and accommodating, and getting to go to the beauty parlor a few times was an added bonus. The beautician really does a good job! Willow Springs got me back to me.”

– Elsie Edelman